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January 17, 20150

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Ageless Physiotherapy Clinic: Physical Rehabilitation Center for Children and Adults welcome our numerous clients to our new and bigger facility located on a quiet and easily accessible street on 19B, Ogundana Street, Hilton Bus Stop, Allen Avenue, Ikeja to enable us serve our clients better.

Ageless Physiotherapy Clinic is one of the newly accredited secondary service providers with National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS) code number LA/1485. The Clinic was established in the year 2010; it is duly registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission, HEFAMAA and Medical therapist (Registration) Board of Nigeria.

Our accreditation by NHIS offer our robust specialist secondary medical services to employees enrolled under the scheme in Nigeria. This is a huge leap for us and also a strong attestation to the services we offer.

We are still the best in offering highly specialized physical rehabilitation programs to clients in need of treatment for : congenital birth deformities, spine degenerative diseases, arthritis and joint pains, sports injury, post-spine reconstructive surgery, post-hip replacement surgery, and a host of other medical conditions amenable to Physiotherapy.
Ageless Physiotherapy Clinic was established in April 2010 by Aoko Oluwayomi to experiment the viability and integration of its model of highly specialized physical rehabilitation programs which eventually spawned a network of referrals across the whole of Nigeria and overseas especially patients after hip replacement surgery, spine regenerative surgery, hand reconstructive surgery, burns, amputation, stroke, spinal degenerative diseases, and patients on medical tourism.
Whats Unique About Us?
Ageless Physiotherapy Clinic is a pioneer of highly specialized physical rehabilitation programs individually customized to the patient enabling faster recovery for patients suffering from Stroke, Spinal Cord Injury, Post-Surgical Complications, Spinal Degenerative Diseases, and Congenital Birth Deformities etc. Our highly specialized and customized physical rehabilitation programs was created to reduce the recovery time of medical conditions amenable to physiotherapy.
We play a key role in Nigeria Healthcare System by operating one of the largest stand alone Physiotherapy centers in Nigeria with improved access to quality and effective physical therapy.

What we do?
Employees-We have in our employment physiotherapists, speech therapists, occupational therapists, registered nurses bringing together highly experienced and well trained specialists and affiliations with other healthcare professionals like Surgeons, Neurologists and Physicians.

Out-patient Physical Rehabilitation.
Passing through a period of illness or trauma is one of the hardest challenges in life, working hard to cope with medical and social issues that borders on your eventual recovery and your family upkeep and supports. After the initial period of emergency treatment, in which the immediate crisis is dealt with, you’ll be starting down the road to recovery sometimes slowly or rapidly depending on how deep your trauma is, which is usually through some form of Physical Rehabilitation.
Ageless Physiotherapy Clinic: Physical Rehabilitation Center for Children and Aged exist in order to guide and enable you during the recovery process to seamlessly transit and integrate back into your lifestyles, work and family.
Considering the relative length of time you can spend in therapy after a major health crisis, Physical Rehabilitation at Ageless Physiotherapy Clinic is the most important part of your recovery and eventual integration.

Finding the right Physical Rehab Center is of critical importance to your long-term recovery. Bad therapy, insufficient therapy, or rehabilitation centers that are understaffed might do more harm than good, making it all the more important for you to consult with Ageless Physiotherapy Clinic, the best in Nigeria.

Our facility is set up to treat neurological disorders, such as stroke, aphasia, mobility issues arising from spinal trauma, and more. It also has a reputation as the best Physical Rehabilitation Center for patients recovering from amputations, orthopedic disorders, and surgery. The physical rehabilitation center offers physical therapy, speech therapy, and occupational therapy and also sports rehabilitation program for injured athletes.
Ageless Physiotherapy Clinic covers a broad range of cases, including brain and spinal cord injuries, stroke rehabilitation, pediatric care, cancer rehab, sports rehabilitation, burns and amputation, back and spinal care, arthritis, and even women’s health.

Admission Facility in Our Physical Rehabilitation Center: How does it work?
Highly specialized and comprehensive inpatient physical rehabilitation programs at Ageless Physiotherapy Clinic provide coordinated multidisciplinary therapeutic and diagnostic services for patients following severe injuries and illness such as spinal cord injury, traumatic brain injury, stroke, amputation, orthopedic injuries or neuromuscular disorders which result in a loss of function.
The overall goal of physical rehabilitation is to help the patient become as independent and self-reliant as possible. Each aspect of the program focuses on helping the patient function more independently at home, in the community, and at work or school.
Our services facilitate transition from the acute phase to rehabilitation to outpatient services with the goal for re-integration to home and community.
Active participation in physical rehabilitation programs is a vital part of the rehabilitation process. Patients are scheduled for therapy and activities every day with patients expected to participate for a minimum of three hours per day in their rehabilitation programs.
Mission Statement ?
Our broad aim is to replicate the quality services we offer in our present location across the major cities in the six geopolitical zones of Nigeria.
Our Vision?
To make our highly specialized physical rehabilitation programs more dynamic and evolving to meet the needs of our population and advances in research and technology.


TO BOOK AN APPOINTMENT, CALL 0813 949 1652 / 0805 546 3055

Ageless Physiotherapy Clinic: Physical Rehabilitation Center for Children and Aged is the best and leading private physiotherapy clinic in Lagos, Nigeria.


19B, Ogundana Street
Hilton Bus Stop, Allen Avenue
Ikeja, Lagos

2, Yusuf Okunade Close,
Idi Iroko Estate,
Maryland, Lagos.


1, Ajiran Road,
Agungi Bus Stop,
Lekki Epe Expressway
Lekki, Lagos.


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