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February 12, 20150

What is Ageless Cancer Rehabilitation?
Our Cancer Rehabilitation describes a wide range and choices of highly specialized programs designed and individually customized to help you build strength and endurance, regain independence, reduce stress and maintain the energy you need to participate in daily activities whether you are returning to work, your lifestyles or your family.
What are the signs that you may need Rehabilitation?
• Muscle weakness that were not there when you were initially diagnosed secondary to disease, treatment or muscle atrophy
• Speech defect or swallowing difficulties
• Pain in joints and muscles.
• Decreased bone density
• Lymphedema or swelling disorders
• Difficulty walking
• Difficulty sleeping
• Formation of scar tissue
• Postural changes
• Muscle imbalances
• Limited flexibility/range of motion
• Fatigue/decreased endurance
• Decreased cardiovascular fitness/deconditioning secondary to cancer and its treatment
• Scar tissue management after surgery
• Osteoporosis/Osteopenia
• Peripheral neuropathy related to chemotherapy — numbness/tingling/decreased balance or walking.
Ageless Physiotherapy Clinic provides highly specialized cancer rehabilitation programs to patients in therapy, remission and survivorship developed for all survivors in need, whether you are newly diagnosed or long finished with treatment.
We provide assessment and treatment of physical disorders, such as weakness, fatigue, balance and gait disorders, pain and joint tightness due to the side effects and secondary sequel of various forms of cancer.

Hip Arthroplasty
Physical rehabilitation may include:
1. Exercise
2. Muscle and Joint Stretching
3. Manual Therapy
4. Balance and Gait Retraining to recover the individual to a higher level of functioning and comfort.
Patients that may benefit are those recovering from
1. Breast Cancer Surgery with Lymph Node Removal
2. Head and Neck Cancer Surgery
3. Sarcoma Removal Surgery with or without radiation therapy
4. Bladder cancer
5. Breast cancer (with and without reconstruction)
6. Colon and rectum cancer
7. Leukemia
8. Lung cancer
9. Lymphoma
10. Prostate cancer
11. Spine and brain tumor



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