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March 16, 20150

When Joints and Spines Pain Harass Busy Business Executives – What options of Treatment Do They Have?

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Surprisingly back pain will affect as many as 1 out of 5 people in Nigeria, and results in 4.5 million days off work. Employers are losing up to 335 million naira a year, but the biggest losers are the millions that will have their lives blighted by the condition rendering them disable or sending them to early retirement.
According to latest figures, one in every six working days lost due to illness is due to back pain, and eighty percent of Britons will suffer from it at some point in their lives. In the UK alone, 2.5 million people have back pain every day. Back pain costs the country 12.3bn pounds ($20bn) a year, according to Cardiff University.
Back home in Nigeria, the figures are not economical with a huge number occasioned by our dilapidated infrastructure, lifestyles and furniture use.


Causes of Back Pain:
Joints and back pain we realized from the statistics we took from our medical records used to be mainly the preserve of those who worked in physically demanding jobs like construction workers, bricklayers, plantation workers, farmers, heavy industry workers and miners.
However, for some time we have also noticed that there are more executives who come to our center for joint and back pain issues
We have been able to identify that sitting for a prolonged period with poor posture, computer overuse; bad ergonomic furniture, frequent air travel and unhealthy executive lifestyles are major culprits for this problem.
Anatomy of your Pain:
Have you ever imagined what muscles are always in contention when you have to sit all day trying to meet up with pressures of work or an ultimatum?
Apart from spine degenerative changes that might subtly be going on in your vertebra there are 3 major muscles and a major joint in the pelvis, the Psoas Major, the Iliacus, the Piriformis muscles and the Sacro Iliac Joint which when they are strained or tightened due to sitting all day could begin the course of bouts of pains that will leave you restless and ill.

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Psoas major: This muscle is deep to the abdominal contents which help in flexion, lateral rotation and adduction of the hip joint.
Iliacus: Deep to the abdomen in the iliac fossa and do the same action as psoas major.
These two muscles act together as Iliopsoas group and major actors in the hip flexors group and as low back stabilizers. Weakness of the iliopsoas may result in a flat back posture increasing stress placed on the anterior hip joint ligaments and anterior joint capsule, which can lead to instability in the hip joint and eventual painful effect on the low back.
Piriformis: It’s a small muscle located deep in the buttocks behind the gluteus maximus, one of the muscles in the buttocks. Piriformis Syndrome is a condition in which the piriformis muscle, located in the buttocks region, spasms and causes buttock pain. The piriformis muscle can also irritate the nearby sciatic nerve and cause pain, numbness and tingling along the back of the leg and into the foot similar to Sciatic pain.
Sacro Iliac Joint: Studies have found out that 20%- 25% of all chronic lower back pain comes not from the spine but from the sacroiliac joint which bears and transfers weight and movement from your upper body to your legs. When the ligaments wear out and the sacroiliac joint becomes unstable, it can generate a similar kind of sharp back pain or sciatica pain down your leg.

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In the past, the accepted response to back pain was bed rest. Evidence now shows that rest does not help recovery, trying to reduce the pain by avoiding activity can lead to a much longer recovery time and possibly long term back pain.
When you have severe back pain, it’s time to see your Doctor or your Physiotherapist who will guide you through the steps to take in solving your spine problems. You will definitely be asked a lot of questions about your work, lifestyles, any trauma or injury and ask you to take x-ray, CT scans or MRI. These will help your diagnosis and get you on a sure path of proper treatment eventually.
At Ageless Physiotherapy Clinic, you will definitely be processed through proper history taking, standard clinical examinations and physical tests which will guide in proper diagnosis and planning of your therapy and exercises and safety measures that will guide you in avoiding recurrence.
Our highly specialized physical rehabilitation programs have been individually customized towards alleviating your spinal problems by weaving together age long and evidenced based therapies like
• Manipulative Therapy
• Massage Therapy
• Heat Therapy
• Electrotherapy
• Exercise Therapy


In helping you regain your lost muscles and strength, reduce your pain and put you on a path of good posture and high productivity.
Your obligations:
• Come with your blood workup test reports, x-ray reports, MRI and CT Scans and all other information that might help us in diagnosing your conditions quickly.
• Book an early appointment so we can get your paper works ready before you come in
• Get your payment plans ready so can pass through the reception quickly.

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Your Benefits:
• Rapid and fast access to treatment with no waiting time
• Treatment in our executive rooms
• Free Body Massage
• Optimum weekend all day access to treatment
• Schedules seamlessly responsive to tight business schedules
• No Previous appointment
• Free massage oil and ointment
• Exclusive Privacy
• Easy Payment Plans- Cheques, Transfers, POS
• Lower absence at work and turnover rates
• Fewer accidents and illness
• Improved standing postures and fitness among colleagues and business partners
• Better reputation for corporate responsibilities among investors and communities
• Increased productivity, because you will be healthier, happier and better motivated.
Don’t put too much trust in that expensive executive ergonomic chairs or the cost of your furniture as a guarantee against warding off back pain and other joint pains, there are other subtle causes which might include your expensive air travels, automobile seats, home settee and lifestyles and after work sports you might have taken up like tennis, golf and fitness exercises.

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