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MyGait is an electronic orthosis for patients with dorsal flexor weakness, which is primarily for patients with dificulties in lifting their foot when they walk. It works from the outside with functional electrostimulation and allows for a more active life.

MyGait was designed for people with a peroneal paresis caused by damage to the central nervous system. The surface stimulator can be used during the early phases of rehabilitation as well as continuously.

MyGait is an innovative product using functional electrostimulation and thus presents another treatment option for patients with a dorsal flexor weakness.

It ranks between orthoses and the neuroimplant ActiGait. The therapeutic goal is to restore damaged motor functions and to improve the gait pattern.


The functionality of MyGait

The MyGait stimulation system makes dorsal flexion of the ankle possible during the gait phase. Instead of the central nervous system, MyGait provides the intact peripheral peroneal nerve with the signal of lifting the foot at just the right time. This nerve activates the anterior tibial nerve, which lifts the foot.


MyGait At a glance

  • Lifts the foot at the right time
  • Improves walking speed, pattern and confidence
  • Makes it possible to walk greater distances
  • Requires less concentration on gait
  • Easy handling
  • Many individual settings possible
  • Another muscle group can be stimulated via a second channel
  • Positive effect on joints, blood flow and muscles (counteracts atrophy from inactivity)


MyGait components

The system consists of the following components:

  • The cuff places the surface electrodes into the correct position.
  • The stimulator has two stimulation channels. It is positioned in the cuff placed on the lower leg. The second stimulation channel can be used for the activation of other muscle groups.
  • The heel switch is worn in a special sock.
  • With the remote control, the user is able to perform functions effortlessly and can adjust the stimulator without having to take it off.



  • Stroke
  • Multiple sclerosis (MS)
  • Incomplete paralysis
  • Traumatic brain injury

You could order for MyGait directly from us and make it available for you and your loved ones. Why dont you ask us more of those important questions.


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