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May 14, 20150

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The C-Brace computer controlled orthosis is an entirely new approach to walking when back injuries or leg muscle weakness limit you. Instead of a locked knee brace—or a wheelchair—imagine a system that gives you the freedom to participate in many daily activities. Walk all day, walk smoother, walk with confidence and greater safety. Ask your Orthotist if the C-Brace is right for you.

The C-Brace delivers a dramatic increase in function, whether you are dodging crowds on busy streets or enjoying a day at the beach. Its orthotics re-invented.

Until now, our patients with indications like incomplete spinal cord injury, weakness or paresis of the quadriceps, and post-polio syndrome have very few choices. Now, instead of settling for a clumsy locking joint, you can fit the Ottobock C-Brace® system.

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Among the many benefits, patients most value the ability to change speeds, to walk with controlled knee flexion, and to move more efficiently. In daily life, that means a walk in the park can be just that. A patient can trust their knee to support them on all types of terrain, and they can spend their energy and attention enjoying the day.

This dramatic increase in function is possible through real-time gait analysis and goes far beyond simply locking and unlocking the knee joint. Patients experience support throughout  the gait cycle as the system automatically adjusts to prepare for the next movement.



Key features

  • Stumble Control: Resistance to uncontrolled knee flexion when sensors read a moment of
    instability gives the time necessary to recover.
  • Real-Time Gait Analysis: Every period of gait in the gait cycle is controlled dynamically and in
    real time, allowing the patient to walk with more ease and less concentration — with less compensation of the sound side and torso.
  • Standing and 2nd Mode: Additional modes allow for comfortable static standing and additional settings (for therapy or other activities).
  • Stance Extension Damping: Progressive resistance allows natural movement to occur without uncontrolled and early knee and hip extension at Terminal Stance, resulting in a more natural movement without abrupt changes to the center of gravity, lower back and lower limb joints.
  • Stance Flexion Damping: Controlled, partial knee flexion while weight bearing allows the patient to exhibit knee control when walking down hills and ramps, descending stairs step over step, and while sitting down into a chair.

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Who benefits from orthotronic technology?

Combining real-time gait analysis, the energy redistributing properties of carbon fiber, and the ability to use software to customize the knee joints response creates the ideal situation for your patient. The system doesn’t walk for your patient — it helps normalize and free your patient to ambulate to their full potential.

Everyday life demands the ability to walk on uneven ground, to descend stairs and ramps, and to tackle slopes. Depending on your patient’s abilities, all of these obstacles become surmountable — with less energy expenditure and concentration — all while reducing wear  and tear on the sound side.


The Orthotronic Mobility System can be considered for all neurological indications of the lower limbs. The primary indications include:

  • Lower limb involvement with weakness or paresis of the quadriceps muscle or the inability to maintain knee extension during stance phase, e.g. incomplete paraplegia with segmental levels of L1 to L5 or polio, post-polio syndrome

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