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August 28, 20180

Posture And Dysfunctions

What is Posture?
This is the position in which someone holds their body when standing, sitting, or lying down. Did you know that a bad posture could affect your general health? Did you also know that a good posture on the other hand is beneficial for good health as well as having a good appearance? Good posture has also been shown to be an important part of your long term health.

There are generally 2 types of postures:

1. Dynamic posture
2. Static posture

1.Dynamic posture refers to how your body is held when moving that is when walking, running, or bending over.

2. Static posture refers to how your body is held when in a position that is when standing, sitting, or lying down.

Effects of Bad postures

Bad posture mostly results when the spine is not well aligned that is the curves of the spine are either reduced or increased. The spine is divided into three natural curves the neck, the back and the lower back. Any change in the shape of these curves when standing, walking, sitting, running, bending or lying down would results into the following problems.

1. Pain at the neck, shoulder, and back
2. Misalignment of the musculoskeletal system
3. Decrease in flexibility
4. Makes your spine more prone to injuries
5. Decrease balance and increase risk of fall
6. It affects other joints of the body
7. Changes your walking pattern and general outlook

How to improve your posture generally:


1. Awareness: You must be mindful of your posture when performing activities such as watching t.v, doing home chores like sweeping and washing, walking and sitting on a chair
2. Stay physically active: performing exercises regularly will help to improve your posture. Exercises that are targeted at strengthening you back muscles would prevent you for assuming bad postures and correct bad postures if they exist already.
3. Maintain a healthy weight: There is every possibility that your bad posture is caused by gaining extra weight as a result your back muscles become weak and this contribute to poor posture and eventually low back pain. Therefore, losing weight through dieting and a proper exercise regimen would help to prevent bad postures.
4. Make sure your work station is comfortable: either you work as a barber, dentist, hairdresser, managing director or mechanic make sure that your work environment fits you. You must also make sure that the equipment you use such as your chair, tables or tools do not make you uncomfortable. They should be fitted to your height to avoid assuming an awkward posture which may lead to work related musculoskeletal injuries

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