UncategorizedIntroducing Julius Zorn GmbH (Juzo) Exotic Products For Lymphatic And Venous Diseases.

January 1, 20200


It’s going to be a colourful and active year! Julius Zorn GmbH (JUZO) and Ageless Physical Rehabilitation Center Limited will be introducing in the New Year ranges of JUZO products from Compression garments and socks for patients with venous and lymphatic diseases to Scar Tissue products for patients with burns and after surgery scar management and also support stockings, special socks and human joints supports for daily use or during sports.


JUZO with more than 100 years of experience in medical supports and garment manufacturing will give Nigeria an opportunity to address the country-specific needs of their citizens and markets. The most important point is to maintain and guarantee the same high Juzo quality in each and every country where they are located.

Juzo offers a variety of innovative products for patients living with

Lymphatic- lymphedema, lipoedema diseases

Venous- Varicose veins, Spider veins, Acute Venous Insufficiency etc

Scar Management- Burns and Scar Tissues

Joint Supports- Sports injuries and Occupational Injuries

We and JUZO have started this successful journey together with the sole aim to reach every Nigerian with lymphatic, venous, scar issues and sports injury everywhere they are bringing to them high quality and efficient products unrivaled in the market. They have got differently knitted products customized to the size and pathology of patients from circular knit compression garments and stockings for patients with venous issues to Flat knit compression garments and stockings for patients with lympho-edema and lipo-edema.

Effective support for your legs

For lipoedema, lymphoedema or water retention after surgery: Juzo Expert products are characterised by a premium fit for maximised mobility, pleasant wearing-comfort and optimal compression. Compression garments for the legs must provide the perfect fit as the desired effect can only be achieved if you enjoy and often wear your compression stockings or compression pantyhose. As an added benefit, compression garments are available in a wide variety of trendy and wearable colours that mix and match perfectly.


In the weeks ahead, we will be taking you through our extensive knowledge of JUZO products and how you can benefit from them either you are living with lymphatic, venous scar tissues and joints injuries. These products will afford those with lymphedema, lipoedema and varicose veins to know how to choose among these specialists product. This will also afford our clients opportunities to have access to manual lymphatic drainage from our highly trained Lymph Therapists across all our clinics. There you can get your venous or lymph drainage done easily before measurement for your compression garments and stockings.

To learn more about how you and your loved ones could benefit from these ranges of products kindly call or send mails to numbers and emails below as we work together to begin a change making efforts in combating the scourge of these debilitating diseases.

We are ready to serve you! Are you?







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