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January 24, 20210


Look forward to the golden times with Juzo Fashion Colours!  

Juzo Fashion Colours will bring the free spirit, the enthusiasm and spirit of the Golden Twenties into the 21st century. They radiate weightless elegance and are practically made to give your outfits a stylish touch and let you experiment with new looks.

So be inspired by the Fashion Colours Proud Red, Noble Mint and Golden Yellow and fill the new twenties with golden joie de vivre!

Golden times with colourful compression stockings from Juzo

The Golden 1920s unquestionably went down in history as a unique era full of optimism and glamour. Now the new Golden Twenties are waiting for us to fill them with joie de vivre, energy and imagination and to turn them into a glorious decade.

The New Golden Twenties

Do you like things to be colourful but not glaring nor flashy? Then colourful compression garments in our tasteful Fashion Colours are specially made for you! The colours Proud Red, Noble Mint and Golden Yellow go perfectly with elegant outfits, they give your workday a trendy touch and introduce the stylish flair of the Golden Twenties into your leisure time.

Be inspired – great outfits with colourful compression stockings

Now everything is possible! Because the Golden Twenties of the 21st century offer a lot of opportunities to realise new notions so your creative freedom can flourish when you pull out all the stops. So find some ideas for your colourful compression garments and discover the possibilities with our new Fashion Colours Proud Red, Noble Mint and Golden Yellow.

Colourful compression stockings for vein treatment

Immerse yourself in the multi-facetted world of the Golden Twenties with Proud Red, Noble Mint and Golden Yellow. Our current Fashion Colours are available for the Juzo Inspiration with a subtle mesh design, elegant look and the strikingly shimmering Juzo Spirit. The circular knit stockings and tights are primarily used during vein treatment. They also prevent thrombosis on journeys as well as pregnancy oedema.

Colourful compression stockings for oedema treatment

Celebrate the Golden Twenties of the 21st century. Among our flat knit compression garments, we offer the extravagant Fashion Colours for the Juzo Expert, which allows individual treatment, and the Juzo Expert Strong, which is used for particularly intense treatment. Applications in oedema treatment include lymphoedema, lipoedema and phleboedema as well as the treatment of swelling after surgery.

Do you love colourful compression stockings in radiant and bright shades? Then our current Trend Colours are specially made for you! Discover brightly coloured compression stockings by reaching out to us:
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